Hello, My Name is Babe

I am a big, dark red, dog who has found a new home.

My description is left here for those who might find it interesting.

I am an unusual mix of breeds, Hungarian Vizsla (Pointer) and Redbone Coonhound.[*]
That makes me a very special sort of dog.
Ideal for the person or family that needs a special family member the way I am special.

Bab e's right profile.

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Important things to consider
  • I am not a ‘lap dog’.
    I am 24 inches high at the shoulder and weigh 67 pounds.
  • I am not an ‘apartment dog’.
    I am a lean, muscular, athletic dog who needs her exercise every day.
  • I should not be expected to get along with other non-canine pets.
    Both of my ancestral breeds are hunting dogs, other small critters in the same house would probably just be ‘live practice’.
  • I have spent my life as a family member.
    I really am not suited for being left alone, either inside or outside.
  • I will do best with a person who is an experienced dog owner.
    A person who knows how to always be the “#1 dog”.
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Breed identification was with the assistance of Ray Cooper of Coopers Redneck Kennels. [back]